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17.06.2023 21:00 Klubbar Concert DJ-Set

Heavy Feelings: Persian Empire

Heavy Feelings präsentiert Persian Empire!

Up-and-coming producer and composer Sam Khatam aka Persian Empire comes to Cologne with a live set. With his beats and drum samples, he creates a multi-layered mix of organic electronic beats, hip hop and challenging drum grooves. His improvised sets unfold as an anarchic story and neither the audience nor the artist know where it will lead – leaving us completely immersed. The self-taught artist deconstructs the traditional structure of music and transforms his samples into a detailed electronic sound. Smooth synthesizers, deep bass beats and experimental vocals create harmonic compositions that expand the diversity of the genre “bass” and “2-step”. When not producing his own music, Sam collaborates with selected artists from around the world and is featured in numerous blogs and mixes.

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