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19.11.2022 20:30 Klubbar Concert

Impakt: Moneyfriends

Brad Henkel (Amplified Trumpet), Dan Peter Sundland (Electric Bass, Voice), Fabian Jung (Drums, Toys, Electronics, Voice)

Moneyfriends will show you the true meaning of the word “value”. With the financial instruments of amplified trumpet, electric bass, drums, toys and voices this is a business you can’t afford not to invest in. Speaking of investment; we are highly invested in our one-of-a-kind immersive, performative, theatrical, free-improvised, noisy anti-jazz and are prepared to offer you an unmissable, one-time show that is guaranteed to pay dividends. Our promise to our shareholders is a continuous twenty percent yearly ROI, based on the trajectory of our current genre-breaking improvising, dazzling stage show, and Fabian’s colourful toy decorations, all projected for a steady growth in the foreseeable future.

BRAD HENKEL, famed investor-turned-improviser, hails from the same state as the renowned Silicon Valley. His avant-garde trumpet playing has saved many a business, including an exclusive European sportscar importer with some outrageous prices as well as a well-know media conglomerate.
The group’s oil connections are brought by bass player and bass vocalist DAN PETER SUNDLAND, who, after his Norwegian oil wells dried up, sought refuge in diversifying his portfolio internationally. A well-known innovator on his instrument, his investments are seen as a clear sign of a projects daring and merit.
FABIAN JUNG is a real estate magnate with deep political connections (he’s currently on a political sabbatical). Always striving for the hard-earned buck, he has traded his more mainstream streams of revenue for ever more esoteric ways of achieving his goal of financial success.
His background in the Cologne improvising scene was only the beginning of his trajectory, and he is an entity to keep an eye on for future future’s trading and other schemes.

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