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05.05.2022 21:00 Jazz-Club Konzert Stream

Acht Brücken: Klaeng Jazzkollektiv


Sebastian Gille (Saxofon) Frederik Köster (Trompete) Robert Landfermann (Bass) Pablo Held (Piano) Jonas Burgwinkel (Schlagzeug) + DJ Illvibe

Each of the six Klaengster has made a resounding name for himself on the jazz scene – not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and beyond. Whether Sebastian Gille on saxophone or Frederik Köster on trumpet, Tobias Hoffmann on guitar, Pablo Held on piano, Robert Landfermann on bass or Jonas Burgwinkel on drums – these six musicians from Cologne have their own, personal idiom on their instruments and are all driven by their enjoyment of experimentation and the curiosity to discover unheard-of landscapes of sound. In 2009 they got together to found Klaemg – Jazzkollektiv Köln. On the one hand, as young improvisational musicians, they wanted to inscribe their names on the long history of jazz in Cologne; on the other, their goal was to organize their own professional world as an autonomous and independent collective.

Their first action that autumn a good twelve years ago was to present the first Klaeng Festival, followed by workshops at the Open Jazz House School in Cologne and the founding of the collective’s own record label Klaeng Records. So far, the six Klaengster have only shared the stage rarely. This makes it all the more fascinating to follow the Cologne collectivists’ improvisation concepts live – also and especially because they are all outstanding composers of idiosyncratic and original jazz music. After the concert, DJ Illvibe (aka Vincent von Schlippenbach) calls everyone onto the dance floor.


Das Live Abo Trio

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