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16.12.2023 20:30 Klubbar Konzert

Gloria de Oliveira

Gloria de Oliveira is a German-Brazilian multidisciplinary visual artist and musician, her much celebrated record with Dean Hurley (David Lynch's long term soundtrack collaborator) "Oceans of Time" came out recently on Sacred Bones (NYC). The beautifully crafted ethereal record received raving reviews in The Wire, Bandcamp and others. Gloria recently composed the score to Peter Thiers’ play “Paradiesische Bauten”, which premiered in Hamburg's Thalia Theater, followed by the score of and performance at the Bora Aksu Autumn/Winter 22/23 Catwalk show at London Fashion Week. She joined this year's lineup of Keychange's ambassadors for gender equality in music, and SXSW. Her collaborations include Gudrun Gut, Tellavision and others.

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