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20.05.2022 20:00 Klubbar Konzert

Juju Rogers

Juju Rogers live  & Dj Ayzon

Rapper and Trumpeter JuJu Rogers was born to an American G.I. from New Orleans and a German mother with Austrian roots. More than 10,000 American soldiers were stationed in the working-class city he was born in. Both JuJu and his hometown were influenced by the cultural identities of two very different countries. Inspired by his father’s collection of Jazz and Soul records, JuJu began playing the trumpet at an early age. Music helped him to navigate his sense of belonging to disparate worlds. His quest to explore, define and report on these divergent realities can be heard in his top-notch lyricism and earnest vocal performances.

His new project aims to sonically connect the Black Diaspora to its original roots in Africa. The songs will highlight the history of the original Buffalo Soldiers and the parallels between their story, JuJu’s and all Black people.

Das Live Abo Trio

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