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25.11.2022 20:30 Klubbar Konzert

Paul Armfield und Giulio Cantore

»Zuhause Mama« Revisited. Konzert in der Tradition der früheren King Georg-Konzertreihe für Folk, Neo-Folk, Low-Fi-Country und Minimal-Pop.

With seven albums worth of literary lovelorn songs under his belt, Paul Armfield returns to the stage to deliver an intimate rendition of some of his favourites. With just a guitar, a saw, and a voice that could melt even the hardest of hearts, Paul is the songwriter's songwriter, his work admired by the likes of Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Chris Difford (Squeeze). His last album 'Domestic' though written before Brexit and before covid contains songs that now sound eerily prescient, exploring notions of home, of isolation, nationalism and immigration. An international record, recorded in Germany with a trans European cast of musicians, Paul will be touring with his friend and accompanist Giulio Cantore.

An accomplished performer in his own right, he continues the lineage of great Italian serenata singer/songwriters, but Giulio also spent much of his youth immersed in flamenco. His light and lyrical style has shades of both, a warm and loveable presence with surprising flashes of virtuosic guitar brilliance. Think Manu Chao meeting Jose Feliciano.

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