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03.08.2021 19:30 Konzert Stream

Septer Bourbon

Markus Burger (Piano/Komposition), Uwe Ecker (Schlagzeug), Martin Gjakonovski (Bass),  Jan von Klewitz (Saxofon/Komposition)  

Septer Bourbon, with Markus Burger (piano/composition), Uwe Ecker (Drums), Martin Gjakonovski (bass) and Jan von Klewitz (sax/comp) has created an extraordinary, original style with critics referring to the band’s material as a ‚mixture of pathos free hymns and gospel, with a touch of bepop‘ The incredible four have created an acoustic ‚mélange‘ attracting fans of European free styles and those of the American urban live scene. Septer Bourbon’s music is truly an experience which transcends beyond simply jazz. The band has performed extensively in Europe and has been well received by audiences and critics alike, with over 350 concerts in Germany, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland and Belgium. 


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