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Party und Konzert. Präsentiert von Heavy Feelings & King Georg, Support: Rachel

Otis Mensah is a musician and multidisciplinary artist who explores the intersection of poetry and experimental music. Influenced by the rhythmic and expressive freedom of jazz, Otis’s work uses aesthetic language as a tool to address issues of race, identity, gender, and the body. Since being named Sheffield’s first Poet Laureate in 2018, Otis has sold out the debut poetry collection Safe Metamorphosis, to be released by Prototype in 2020, debuted at Glastonbury, We Out Here, and Shambala Festival, and performed with artists including Moor Mother, Nightmares On Wax, Benjamin Zephaniah, Lava La Rue, Mahalia, and Little Simz. Building on previous work and their tenure as Sheffield’s first Poet Laureate, Otis is also a recipient of the Jerwood Arts Live Work Fund and Arts Council England’s Developing your Creative Practice. The versatile creative has collaborated with Arrested Development, among others. The next EP will be released in September via Berlin-based label Lekker Collective.

“As the first hip-hop artists to be awarded the title of Poet Laureate in the UK, they want to use the position to break down barriers, smash the stuffy stereotype and remind people that poetry is for the people.”-The Guardian

Von Freeman @ 100: Chicago’s Kult-Saxofonist EINTRITT FREI

Aus Anlass seines 100. Geburtstags (am heutigen 3.10.) feiert Hans-Bernd Kittlaus heute Abend den Saxofonisten Earle Lavon “Von” Freeman Sr.. Er lebte seine gesamten 88 Jahre in Chicago, nur unterbrochen von gelegentlichen internationalen Touren. „Vonski“, wie er von Freunden genannt wurde, leitete über Jahrzehnte wöchentliche Sessions in Chicago, durch die alle namhaften und weniger namhaften Jazz-Musiker Chicagos gingen – von Kurt Elling über Corey Wilkes bis zu Ben Paterson. In seinen späteren Jahren nahm er zahlreiche Alben auf, auch mit seinem Sohn, dem Saxofonisten Chico Freeman. Der NEA Jazz Master – die höchste amerikanische Auszeichnung für Jazz-Musiker – hatte einen charakteristischen erdigen, bluesigen Sound, der den Abend bestimmen wird.

A very special DJ set – 25 DJs spin funk, soul, hip hop, boogie, AfroBeat, jazz, electronic, kraut and psych rock – strictly vinyl .

The members of the vinyl collectors’ group “Zeigt her Eure Platten” (ZHEP) meet irregularly in various cities across the republic to turn up the turntables and party together. The group is organized in Facebook and has about 7,000 members. On such an evening, 25 DJs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland play music of different genres one after the other in short slots. And today ZHEP is guest at King Georg! Everyone is welcome, party guaranteed!

Milieu Tropicale feiert Geburtstag. Zum einjährigen gibt es Besuch aus Neapel. Dario di Pace aka Mystic Jungle wird vom Vesuv eingeflogen. Neben Nu Genea, Whodamanny oder Milord ist Mystic Jungle eine der treibenden Kräfte die den Mythos Napule seit einigen Jahren ins Vinyl meisseln.
Seine letzte EP „Deviant Disco“ ist voll gepackt mit Disco Hits, die es schaffen einen neapolitanisch nostalgischen Sound der End Siebzigern mit modern gesetzten Synthis verschmelzen zu lassen, so das es kaum mehr uptodate klingen kann. Daneben ist er Betreiber des Perodica Labels dessen Augenmerk auf neapolitansichem Funk / Elektronischer Musik fokussiert ist und eine Menge Schwergewichte im Katalog vorzuweisen hat. Führt den Plattenladen Furturibile Napoli, der auf rare italienische Disco Vinyle spezialisiert ist. Die Veranstaltungsreihe Fututibile Dancing Club und ist Teil der West Hill Studio Crew – Das Studio was massgeblich dem aktuellen Sound aus Neapel seinen Stempel verpasst. Ufff. Der Mann hat anscheinend genug zu tun, umso schöner ihn für ein DJ Set ins King Georg bekommen zu haben. Vorm Einlass bitte einmal die Axeln lüften, es wird wieder wild!

Büdchen + Party

Koralle (IT) / Jake Milliner (UK) / C:Mone (Kölle)

And more guests TBA!

Moderation: Julian Brimmers, DJ Support C:Mone

Amir Abdullah is a rare breed of music lover whose passion for music and understanding of cultural and sociological context complement his deep crates of classical records. A self-proclaimed history buff and student of sociology, Amir applies his knowledge to the kind of music and culture that rarely receives the recognition it deserves and will surely demand in generations to come.

Just like many jazz musicians Amir has interviewed and documented over the years, all of whom told him that their music was dismissed as irrelevant at the time, Amir is part of hip-hop history as a sample archaeologist, music historian, compilation curator and DJ, and is already recognized alongside his childhood heroes. As one of the few hip-hop veterans who is both an artist and a manager, Amir Abdullah continues to dig into the seemingly inexhaustible collection of music for the benefit of sample trackers, disco dancers, music nerds and adventurous music lovers worldwide.

A music lover for as long as he can remember, Amir Abdullah first fell in love with jazz by listening to his father’s extensive collection, which now makes up a good portion of his enviable vinyl library.

While trading records, Amir came across Lyman Woodard’s album “Strata” – “Saturday Night Special” and became fascinated by this most mysterious of labels. So he traveled to Detroit to find out more. While working on the Scion iQ Museum project to document the history of the label and its art, Amir met Barbara Cox, the widow of Strata founder Kenny Cox, who granted him exclusive rights to the label’s entire catalog. What Amir unearthed is a veritable treasure trove of music and art – a significant chapter in Detroit’s history that has never been fully told until…


Together they stood at the turntables of Hamburg’s Mojo Club. Now JD Polyphonic & The Original Jazz Rocker Oliver Korthals want to let their vinyls spin at King Georg. In the usual intimate atmosphere, soulful and funky tunes will hit the turntables, preferably in the handy seven inch single format. Whether it’s sweet sixties soul, crunchy seventies funk or bubbling eighties boogie – whatever is danceable and makes you happy will be put on by the two.

Tone B. Nimble, has been an important figure in the scene for over thirty years. Growing up in Chicago during the mid-80s, he witnessed the birth of house music firsthand. Tone began DJing house, disco and Italo in the city’s burgeoning underground scene and was influenced by legends like Ron Hardy, Lil Louis and Frankie Knuckles. Tone B began his career in the hip-hop scene as a core member and producer of the acclaimed duo All Natural with Capital D. His expertise in that duo is evident in his mixing skills and ability to create the signature soulful beats that combine jazz/disco with raw hip-hop, an element that continues to influence his sound and collection today. A veteran of the scene, Tone B. Nimble has explored various styles of disco, but it’s the soul-filled gospel sound that has caught his attention. “The uplifting message, unmatched energy and pure emotion expressed in these recordings showcase the spirit I try to present when I DJ.” In addition to releasing international disco-boogie rarities on his Al-Tone Edits label, Tone continues his well-regarded Soul Is My Salvation reissue series, released through Rush Hour and others. Tone’s expertise in unearthing often neglected wonders in the US as well as international rarities is unparalleled.

Since 2010 Paulo Goncalves runs the record store and label Superfly! Located in the heart of Paris on Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, the store has a strong focus on Second Hand Rare Groove LP’s. Be it Salsa, Afrobeat, Reggae, Dub or Jazz, Superfly has everything the heart of collectors:inside and music lovers:inside desires. The label has also brought many long forgotten albums back to light in recent years!

In 2016, the portal Vinyl Factory listed Superfly as the 5th best record store in the world.