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Cultural diversity, danced-through nights, interesting people, and conversations – this is what the King Georg Club stands for, and it will remain so.For more than a decade, King Georg has been a renowned club. On Thursdays, there was cool music from the bar, and at the weekends there was more dance music: the bar became a DJ’s pulpit. Since the renovation works and the new orientation towards jazz music, the weekend is nonetheless still reserved for DJs from the bar.

Responsible for the program on Fridays and Saturdays is Hermes Villena, DJ, artist, and chairman of the Come Together Project e.V. For many evenings, he has filled his audience with enthusiasm using rarities from his disc case. And like at his own sets, he believes in a broad range of musical styles, underpinned by four DJs in residence with their own monthly slots. In addition, there are live concerts and exciting guests, time and time again.

Literature is also part and parcel of the club. In 2008, Peter Scheiffele and Wolfgang Frömberg started a series of lectures called ‘Literatur zur Zeit’, read by authors whose books have an interesting relation to the present, whether in the field of popular culture or general society. This is often a reason for good talks, sometimes continued at the bar, without bothering about the judgments of literary critics. Good stories are kept alive, after all, by the spinning of threads and feeling their effect on the mind.

And from 11 pm onward, our DJs shape the stories of the night…..