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Opening hours

Jazz Club:
Monday till Thursday 19 Uhr* – 01 Uhr
Club bar with DJs:
Friday and Saturday 21h* – 03h30
*on nights when there is no event (otherwise at admission time)
Sunday closed

Approach & Map


King Georg – Club & Bar
Sudermanstrasse 2 / Ebertplatz
50670 Cologne

Half a century King Georg

For 50 years, the King Georg has held on to its place at 2 Suderman Street, even more stubbornly, only rumors about its predecessors and past persist. After all, as early as 1957, the Parisiana advertised “attractive French women and spirited beauty dances”. In fact, there has never been a real table dance bar here since it opened as King George in 1968. But the myth fits in perfectly with the much-vaunted “Chicago on the Rhine” – that is, with the reputation of the Cologne demimonde of the sixties, whose prominent hoodlums made city history. Dim lights, golden rods, glittering chandelier, brass dance floor – the interior did its part to give birth to half-secret legends.

Romantic ideas
Over the period of half a century, a wide-ranging public has come to appreciate the bar’s congenial idiosyncrasies. It starts with the fact that her name is King Georg – and not King George! Why the “e” and thus the English pronunciation once fell under the table is not handed down. Perhaps the person of the Guelph king and at the same time first English king (1714) Georg I was the godfather, whose German ancestry, lack of knowledge of the English language and reputation as a womanizer provide a successful justification for the naming – and whose likeness therefore hangs above the bar. However, the King Georg lettering is rather borrowed from the King Georg V whiskey variety…. And there is also a Cologne explanation: At some point, the “e” fell off the neon sign…

Between exclusive and insider tip
In 2008, a romantic with fresh ideas came to the helm. André Sauer took over the helm from Manfred Weinmann. He left the interior as it was, but programmatically turned the store inside out with his team. The new club bar hosted concerts and DJ sets, readings and lectures, burlesque performances and other performances. Jan Lankisch’s legendary concert series ACBTY received international attention and created a local fan base; collaborations with the Academy of World Arts, the House of Literature or the Week-End Festival ensured that King Georg was more closely networked in the city’s cultural scene. It has been awarded the venue program prize Applause three times for its musical booking.

Jazz and other news
In 2019, the King Georg faced several challenges: The crew was exhausted, the coffers empty, the facility exciting but dilapidated, and therefore a basic renovation was required by the authorities.
Jazz maniacs from the circle of the Cologne Jazz Supporters e.V. found themselves as the new operators. In addition to necessary and well-considered modernizations with the aim of maintaining the atmosphere of the King Georg, they set a new musical focus: jazz, straight ahead, modern and more… as befits a jazz club. The idea: excellent live jazz concerts at least twice a week from Monday to Thursday, with free gigs by “Young Talents” from the Academy of Music on the “free” days for visitors. In addition, on Friday and Saturday, a varied program with literature and different music genres, before the DJs start at 11 pm. Opening 6 days a week is bold – the team at King Georg makes it possible through their dedication.

The focus on jazz is virtually emblematic of the connection between tradition and the present. The recipe is quite simple: good entertainment. It is intended to ensure that King Georg, which is steeped in history, is sustainably anchored in its ancestral place as a special venue for live music, dancing nights and other cultural events. For all who feel like celebrating King Georg, the music, the successful cocktail and – as usual in Cologne – a little bit of themselves. As a club of artists, jazz lovers, night owls. And for all those who still want to be.


Postal address
Milestones GmbH & Co KG
Dürener street 295
50935 Cologne

Gastronomy & Staff
Jenna Schulz, Operations Management: jenna@kinggeorg.de
Jan Vater, Management: jan@kinggeorg.de
Applications Gastro: jobs@kinggeorg.de

Program Jazz Club
Martin Sasse, Artistic Director Jazz: jazz@kinggeorg.de
We apologize for not being able to answer all emails. If you are interested, we will get back to you.

Program Klubbar
Hermes Villena, Artistic Director Jazz & Related: hermes@kinggeorg.de
We apologize for not being able to answer all emails. If you are interested, we will get back to you.


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