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28.01.2023 20:30 Klubbar Concert

Albrecht Schrader

Albrecht Schrader's first album "Soft", produced entirely by himself, fascinates not only with an impressively broad spectrum of sounds and genres, in which Schrader's compositional signature always remains recognizable, but also with lyrics that seem more concrete than ever before: "When I was young / I felt strange." A line from "So weird, so good," the soon to be unofficial anthem of all weird. From there, the album leads through the cheerfully melancholic family constellation "Für dich bleibe ich ein Mann" and the cryptically sublime "Kaktus und Büste" (Cactus and Bust) to the closer "Hey Adapter" ("Wo ist die Verbindung / Gib mir die Verbindung"), which is as hypnotic as it is - in view of the current upheavals on the short message service Twitter - almost garishly present. With "Soft", Albrecht Schrader succeeds in creating an album of diversity, not only in terms of content but also in terms of music, which is probably unparalleled in this country. It closes
confidently to the tradition of pop music, which has always been concerned with the fusion of complex music, precisely composed in every detail, with simultaneously presentable catchiness and pop appeal (you wonder about the timing, Cardigan of Love). And it seems as if Schrader has picked up the thread that began in 2015 with the first single
"Life in the big city" began, with his upcoming album "Soft" in 2023 now finally unrolled.

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