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04.02.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Camille Bertault and David Helbock

Camille Bertault (vocals), David Helbock (piano)

Camille Bertault and David Helbock, two exceptional talents of young European jazz, explore the immeasurable-wonderful playing field of jazz. At first glance, two personalities that could not be more different. The lively, humorous Bertault and the level-headed, self-contained Helbock only appear different on the outside, however, because musically they tick in the same way > Both are unparalleled changeable and captivating storytellers with a deep sense of sound color and a great desire to break the boundaries of their profession.presents a piano-vocal duo of equal natures, opulent and versatile. PLAYGROUND >

Das Live Abo Trio

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