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23.02.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Carolyn Breuer and Andrea Hermenau

Carolyn Breuer (saxophone), Andrea Hermenau (vocals, piano)

Oneironaut CD-Release Tour 2023

Two sensitive, multi-award-winning Munich power women have joined forces: saxophonist Carolyn Breuer, who has caused an international sensation with many of her own projects such as “Four Seasons Of Life” and “Serenade” and won the Heidelberg Female Artist Award. The pianist and singer Andrea Hermenau, who became known through bands like “Etna” and “Die Drei Damen”, was nominated for the BMW Jazz Award in 2020 with her quintet and received the Förderpreis Musik der Stadt München in 2021. Now they are releasing their first joint CD entitled “Oneironaut” on the Enja-Records label. After the importance of mental and emotional oases for people became enormously clear in the Corona era due to the contact and travel restrictions, they have jointly composed music that should open up the possibility for people to dream themselves into other worlds, like a Oneironaut who can steer his clear dreams into the positive. They play them an elegant music, full of poetry but also power. Carolyn Breuer’s saxophone and Andrea Hermenau’s voice, which she knows how to use almost instrumentally, circle around each other in imaginatively arranged original compositions – they nestle together and skillfully drift apart again.

Das Live Abo Trio

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