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01.06.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Dominik Schürmann Trio feat. Max Ionata

Max Ionata (Tenorsaxophon), Yuri Storione (Piano), Dominik Schürmann (Bass), Janis Jaunalksnis (Drums)

“Moons Ago” is the name of the current recording project of this quartet, in which four kindred spirits from all over Europe have come together. The protagonists are from Switzerland, Italy and Latvia. The Italian saxophonist Max Ionata is not only one of the most sought-after tenor saxophonists in Italy but has also achieved great international renown. In Japan, for example, is rather a frequent and welcome guest. This is not least thanks to his melodious and tasteful saxophone playing and his full warm sound. His fellow musicians, who have won numerous awards, are in no way inferior to him: they share with him a preference for a stable groove, an unshakable swing, strong melodies and finely turned harmonies – all in the tradition of the swing, bebop and hardbop era. This is then also at the center of their independent, aesthetically flawless sound, into which they introduce different stylistic influences and rhythms in varied and coherent original compositions by Dominik Schürmann and standards. In doing so, they provide a very special, engaging and reverberating sound.

Das Live Abo Trio

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