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09.11.2022 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert

Fenomen 4

Fabian Deschler (soprano saxophone, bass clarinet), Fe Fritschi (accordion), Sebastian Kling (e-piano, synthesizer), Niclas Ciriacy (drums)

A concert from the series »Young Talents«

In this new and in several respects unusual project, accordionist Fe Fritschi meets keyboardist Sebastian Kling, saxophonist Fabian Deschler and drummer Eddy Sonnenschein. Unusual, for one thing, because the instrumentation with two keyboard instruments and no bass challenges the traditional notion of what a jazz band is. On the other hand, because the music of this band somehow remains jazz, despite all the sonic associations of tango, European improvised music and even pop: The interplay is highly communicative and interlocks in breathing grooves. They play their own compositions, whose melodies are touching and yet completely kitsch.

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