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31.05.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert


Julius Steyer (drums), Julian Grüneberg (bass), Justin Zitt (piano)

A concert from the Young Talents series

Somewhere in search is the trio of three music students from Mannheim. The sound of the group is characterised by many ideas, which also often seem to go in different directions and yet are held together by the same attitude of the players to listen to each other. Improvisation is explored in different open frameworks. Sometimes more and sometimes less avant-garde original compositions are complemented by many an old jazz standard. The list of influences ranges from Brahms to Bud Powell; but first and foremost it is just music. Julius Steyer (drums), Julian Grüneberg (bass) and Justin Zitt (piano) started studying jazz music together in Mannheim in 2020. Since then, they have been playing regularly in this formation and have been able to gain a lot of experience, often adding saxophone, trumpet or guitar to the quartet. The trio was also coached as such by Rainer Böhm and Lorenz Kellhuber during their studies.

Das Live Abo Trio

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