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20.07.2023 20:00 Jazz-Club

Jazzbar Special: Listen To The Music Of Nina Simone

DJ JoJa plays the music of Nina Simone. Free admission

Her fans called her the "High Priestess of Soul" - she always referred to her music as "Black Classical Music". Born in 1993, she was one of the definitive civil rights activists. With her songs like "Mississippi Goddam" and "To be Young, Gifted, and Black," she became one of the movement's leading musical figures. She repeatedly addressed racial inequality, supported with MalcomX the idea of violent revolution for black nationalism. Miles Davis was an absolute fan of her music, which ranged from gospel to blues, jazz, folk, soul and almost classical pieces - often thoughtful, always intense and gripping, with a distinctive voice and as a superior pianist. Her perhaps best known piece is "Sinnerman" (see also at our "favorite songs"). We remember a great and controversial artist who died 20 years ago in France on 21.04.2003

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