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05.11.2022 20:30 Klubbar Concert

Jin Jim Release Concert

The stormy success that the band experiences is based on the innovation that they manage to achieve with their music: Latin, jazz and rock merge here with previously unknown force. "Rhythmically highly complex, but harmonically accessible, with influences ranging from flamenco to Indian music to pop," is how bassist Ben Tai Trawinski describes their general line. In jazz, the flute is a rare instrument, usually used only briefly as an additional timbre. With Jin Jim, she now plays the lead solo role. Daniel Manrique-Smith, who studied in Frankfurt and at the Cologne Musikhochschule before performing with stars such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Samuel Rohrer and Lalo Schifrin, plays them with such virtuosity and versatility as hardly anyone else. On "White Shadows" he mixes the whole palette of expressive possibilities: From the radiant classical sound to the ever-so-slightly aspirated, bright coloring of Latin music and beatbox to wild jazz solos. When Manrique-Smith hums, blows and sings into his instrument, one may think of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. Anyway, the heavy drum beats and swirls of Stallmann and May's distorted guitar passages, sometimes almost merging into metal sound, as well as the hymnal keynote (in "Dreaming" still reinforced by the corresponding vocals) also resurrect the old art rock. The result is new music in the spirit of jazz that goes straight to the stomach and legs. Jin Jim will continue on his path. And what a one.

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