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23.12.2022 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert

Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr

Chet Baker Birthday Party

Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr have made "growing up in public" - a famous album title by Lou Reed - second nature. The brothers recorded their album debut "Remember Chet" (2006) when they were 17 and 20 years old, respectively - a tribute to Julian's early role model, trumpeter Chet Baker - and were met with an enthusiastic response. Die Zeit found the brothers' music "amazingly unusual," the Süddeutsche Zeitung attested to Julian Wasserfuhr's "magical tone," but above all the general public embraced the pair of brothers from the dreamy little town of Hückeswagen.

After seven successful albums, they are now among the most renowned jazz musicians in Germany and have received several awards and prizes, including the German Jazz Award in Gold from the German Music Industry Association. On this evening, the Wasserfuhr brothers, together with Oliver Rehmann and Markus Schieferdecker, as well as some surprise guests, will musically celebrate the birthday of trumpet legend Chet Baker at the King Georg.

Not only in musical terms is everything homemade with the Wasserfuhrs. Besides their passion for music, the Jazz brothers have been brewing their own beer "Schnaff" for four years. In the fall of 2017, the jazz beer celebrated its premiere. It tastes fresh, aromatic hops, fruity-bitter, intense and has since enjoyed great popularity. Due to the great continuing demand, a possibility was sought to make the "Schnaffgenuss" also available to the public on a regular basis. Since jazz and beer are known to go well together, the idea was born to combine these pleasures. And thus the King Georg Jazzclub will be consecrated as the first exclusive Schnaff dispensing station that evening.

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