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27.09.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert


Julian Drach (alto saxophone), Pauli Poulsen (guitar), Moritz Langmaier (piano) Jan Mikio Kappes (bass), David Giesel (drums)

A concert from the Young Talents series

Complexity in simplicity - the search as inspiration for the musical results of the band "Larceny". Together with Julian Drach on alto saxophone, Pauli Poulsen on guitar, Moritz Langmaier on piano and Jan Mikio Kappes on bass, drummer David Giesel creates with the band "Larceny" and their compositions a field of tension between powerful and energetic as well as melancholic and dreamy moments. The focus is at no time on the initiator of the band (David Giesel) but always on the search for beauty in the whole. The band cultivates a melodic and poetic jazz underpinned by partly picturesque, partly detailed rhythms. In the foreground is to always express themselves credibly. The debut album "Crosscurrent", which will be released in 2023, is inspired by the stay on the Faroe Islands in January 2022 and tells of personal experiences and special impressions. Those experiences, thoughts and impressions are captured in the song titles and finally result in a complete story.

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