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22.04.2023 20:30 Klubbar Concert


Support by Liza Dries

In April 2023 the time has come - after accompanying Wolf Alice on their German concerts last year, Nalan is now going on tour herself with her current album I'm Good. The Crying Tape (Mansions and Millions/3-Headed Monster Posse) on tour for the first time. Seven European cities are on the programme. Nalan literally means "the screaming one", and anyone who has experienced one of her powerful live outbursts knows how appropriate this name is. But it also means "the wailing one", and so it goes right back down again, into intimacy, into silence. The critically acclaimed solo debut of the musician - who has previously released an EP as slimgirl fat, several albums as the singer of the Gaddafi Gals, and who also makes the dancefloors shake as part of the DJ collective Slic Unit - fell right in the middle of the pandemic. In fact, the first song was written on the very first day of the lockdown, when the musician, like so many, was wondering what to do next. Mashallah, it has moved on, and now the album is finally hitting the stages. Nalan - says live concerts give her so much herself, and she wants to give that back to the audience. "I like to take people on an unforgettable journey." After stops in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Leipzig and Istanbul, where she will perform her Turkish-language song Son Kez for the first time ever, this journey will end in Hamburg.

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