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09.06.2023 20:30 Klubbar Concert

Neumatic Parlo/ Paul & The Microcos

On their second EP Random Toaster, Neumatic Parlo play melancholic psychedelic pop. Sad lyrics meet tender melodies and expansive sound carpets. Vincent Göttler, Justin Jansen, Luis Wedekind and Simon Hartmann find a sound that sounds international and at the same time is rooted in the tradition of their hometown Düsseldorf with motorik beat, analogue synthesizers and wonderful scrambling. As if he were an anti-hero of the early 80s, Göttler sings of fear, doubt and a long search. The answer to the question of whether he will find something is yet to come, but the existential need already sounds sweet as sugar. After their début Sometimes it sounds a bit like Yo La Tengo or as excruciatingly loud as Ty Segall. Songs like "Real Insight" and "Airplane" rave about darkly romantic journeys into other spheres, while "Nicolas Winding Refn" spreads a scenario full of paranoia that could have come from a film by the Danish cult director. The fear becomes tangible when Göttler's nervous vocal line is overlaid by pounding drums and then overrun by a wall of guitars and noise. In "Lake Perris State Recreation Area", Neumatic Parlo reveals the band's own myth and tells of their road trip together to the Desert Daze Festival in the Californian desert. In addition to countless fuzz-war escapades, a slowdive performance in particular left its mark here.

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