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08.05.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Nick Hempton Quartett

Nick Hempton (Saxofon), Martin Sasse (Piano), Martin Gjakonovski (Bass), Xaver Hellmeier (Drums)

A concert in the series Jazz From New York

Nick Hempton is an alto and tenor saxophonist from New York City who always knows how to captivate the audience with his soulful sound, swinging phrasing and authentic, humorous manner. A veteran of the New York jazz scene, he regularly fills the city’s clubs as well as concert halls and festivals in Europe and Asia.

»What makes Nick Hempton’s music and persona so innately compelling that one can’t turn away? Perhaps it’s that he’s a character, in the sincerest of ways.« (NYC Jazz Record)

»Big fat grooves, a real sense of swing, strong melodies and even stronger rhythms… this is a high quality collection of straight-ahead jazz.«
Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

Das Live Abo Trio

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