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23.03.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

PentlandNay Quartet feat. Jerry Bergonzi

Jerry Bergonzi (saxophone), Phil Grenadier (trumpet), Sean Pentland (bass), Sebastian Nay (drums)

The New York bassist Sean Pentland and the German drummer Sebastian Nay have been able to win a brilliant wind front for their band project with the saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi and the trumpeter Phil Grenadier. Jerry Bergonzi has set standards on the saxophone: he has recorded around 40 albums as a leader and over 100 as a sideman. Among them are such legendary recordings as the Live at Montreux album by Miles Davis and Quincy Jones. The tenor player is equally renowned as a musician, composer and teacher recognized. His playing is highly praised for its dynamics, lyrical sensitivity, finely chiseled textures, and a never-ending fire. Bergonzi is credited with a full sound and great technique. Many critics and musicians celebrate him as a musical visionary. When asked if he still practiced daily, eleven-time Grammy winner Michael Brecker replied, "As long as Jerry Bergonzi is around, no tenorist can rest on his laurels!

The repertoire of the quartet consists mainly of original compositions written for this band. The conscious renunciation of a harmony instrument means more responsibility, but also more artistic freedom in terms of sound and structure. The Creativity Bergonzis and the Lyric Grenadiers are kept energetic by Sebastian Nay on drums and the swinging foundation of Sean Pentland on bass.

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