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08.02.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert

Simon Bremen Quartet feat. Olli Virtanen

A concert from the Young Talents series

Olli Virtanen (vibraphone), Simon Bremen (saxophone), Moritz Langmaier (piano), Jakob Jäger (double bass), David Giesel (drums)

The Simon Bremen Quartet plays original pieces and arrangements. In these, the search for the most diverse sources of inspiration and their deep exploration is reflected just as much as in the improvisations, which focus on melodicism and a feeling for playing. Instead of claiming to be able to constantly open up new musical territory in the face of an already infinite variety of existing music, the four musicians courageously move as a classical jazz line-up in the vast space of the constantly expanding musical tradition. Lyrical melodies meet modern harmonies, driving grooves stand on equal footing with free playing spaces. The four young musicians shape the resulting fields of tension with their personal sonic signatures into a lively, yet always transparent band sound.

The quartet presents its debut album “Reflections On Predictability”, recorded in Helsinki in February 2022, expanded to a quintet by the Finnish friend and vibraphonist Olli Virtanen.

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