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21.11.2022 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Stefanie Lottermoser “In-Dependence”

Stephanie Lottermoser (tenor saxophone, vocals), Maik Schott (keyboards), Robert Schulenburg (bass), Tobias Held (drums)

Jazz is an allegory for life. And for both, gaining independence is a long process. This is the narrative of IN-DEPENDENCE. Stephanie Lottermoser's new album is about striving for independence in all facets of life. Musically, Stephanie Lottermoser has consistently taken her space from the beginning and has long since found an independent and recognizable language. Stylistically, she remains true to herself with her groovy synthesis of jazz, soul, funk and pop, developing herself and her sound in the best sense. The result: clear compositional lines, catchy melodies, emotional appeal and a subtle virtuosity, far from academic sobriety and affinity for technology.

IN-DEPENDENCE is Stephanie Lottermoser's most personal work to date. It is rich with intimate biographical insights and moments in a new reality of life. Tracking down these little glimpses with music is possible, but not a requirement. The music stands on its own for now, revealing in all its intensity everything from fine melodies to lush grooves and extended improvisations. Stephanie Lottermoser reveals hidden narratives, thoughts and her personal utopias. With IN-DEPENDENCE Stephanie Lottermoser has succeeded in creating a personal and emotional album with an exciting sound language. A musical milestone on your way to independence.

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