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03.06.2023 20:30 Klubbar Concert


One tends to expect monotony and uniformity from music that consists only of drums and guitar. Not so with Te_Ri: the instrumental duo from Japan with Kyoju Murakami on electric guitar and Takashi Katayama on drums counters such expectations with a finely tuned mixture of jazz and math rock. Where many Math Rock bands with their machine-like rhythmic complexity often only radiate coldness, Te_Ri sound warm and inviting, sometimes jazzy and always bouncy. The basic concept of their music is to create complex and bizarre rhythms based on mistakes made by compositional software. Stylish melodies are woven into it; traditional Japanese music, minor keys and cover versions from Aphex Twin (“Girl/Boy Song”) to Egberto Gismonti (“Palhaço”) also play a role. Te_Ri celebrated their 15th anniversary in 2022. For this occasion, their album “awase mode hanare style” was released as a co-production between Murakami’s own label CADISC and the Berlin label ruege as a cassette and download.

Das Live Abo Trio

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