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10.10.2022 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Tobias Weindorf “Parable

Tobias Weindorf (piano), Kristina Brodersen (alto saxophone), Christian Ramond (bass), Peter Weiss (drums)

Continuity pays off: Cologne pianist and composer Tobias Weindorf has gathered musicians in his quartet with whom he has been closely associated for years: with drummer Peter Weiss and bassist Christian Ramond, he has two highly accomplished and renowned jazz musicians at his side. The quartet is completed by saxophonist Kristina Brodersen, his longtime musical and private partner. And as a special guest, American punk and indie singer Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut), with whom Weindorf maintains a close musical friendship, is part of the party on three tracks. All this creates not only closeness, but also a familiarity that can be heard in the twelve tracks of the new album "Parable". Despite all the artistic freedom, there are no outliers, everyone can blindly rely on the rest of the comrades-in-arms. Tobias Weindorf wants to cover as many aspects of contemporary jazz as possible. This starts with the instrumentation, which ranges from solo piano to a quintet with vocals. One encounters Monk and modern straight-ahead jazz as well as punk songs, which Weindorf carefully translates into the language of jazz. Despite all the diversity, Weindorf creates a transparent and coherent sound universe.

The quartet plays sovereignly and sensitively and does without artificial flavor enhancers. Weindorf's recipe is simple and good: "I'm not someone who always conjures something out of the box, I want to be a player with heart and soul."

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