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27.04.2023 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Wind / Weniger / Burgwinkel (Gravity Trio)

Martin Wind (bass), Peter Weniger (tenor saxophone) , Jonas Burgwinkel (drums)

"Gravity". A term for which dictionaries provide a whole range of possible translations. Among them "gravity", "attraction", "depth" and "solemnity". They all describe the album title of Martin Wind featuring Peter Weniger and Jonas Burgwinkel perfectly - and on very different levels, explains bassist and bandleader Martin Wind. "Musically, the double bass is the centre of every ensemble. It is their foundation, where the threads come together rhythmically and harmonically. Comparable to the sun, which holds our planetary system together with its gravity." At the same time, "Gravity" also works on a personal level. "There are people and places you feel drawn to. "Hamburg, for example. The metropolis on the Elbe is a starting point and stopover for me when I travel between the USA and Germany," explains Wind, who has lived in Teaneck/New Jersey since the late 1990s.

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