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22.11.2021 19:30 Jazz-Club Concert Stream

Mundinova Band

Dorota Kołodzie (Gesang), Marzena Cybulka (Bass), Michał Wilczyński (Gitarre)

The Mundinova band was formed in 2017 in Wrocław (Poland) to combine the total mutual inspirations and artistic experiences with the intention to create unique, moving, and the sensitivity of words and the message. Music is inspired by jazz, ethno, world music but has it's own characteristic sound. In July 2020, Mundinova’s first studio album “W drodze” (English: On the Road) had been released with guest appearance by Dariusz Kaliszuk (drums, percussion) and Mateusz Szemraj (oud, rubab, baglama). Mundinova offers plenty of wonderful music, a rich variety of moods and melodic worlds, brilliant instrumental performances. Members base their creation on constantly expanding, and crossing the boundaries of imagination, while focusing on performance craftsmanship and expression. Individual instruments are often treated as separate melodic lines in a common sound, and the leitmotifs of a given song are springboards for individual, and intetesting  improvisations. Specific and unique voice of Dorota Kołodziej, makes that music sounds in very characteristic way. During concerts, it is important for the band to be in close contact with the audience and to be present during the journey through words and sounds.

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